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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Was at Dollar Tree yesterday and there were some GREAT things (that they usually don't carry). Such as this bag of Schultz Potting Bark. I have been wanting to cover the dirt in my houseplants for some time now....moss? Stones? Wasn't sure what to use....UNTIL I spotted this!! I also picked up a pair of garden scissors (we'll see how good they work, there is minor trimming to do in the garden this spring)

Here is a half / half you can see the dirt side (to the left) and the covered pretty bark portion (to the right)
TA-DA!! The fully bark covered soil....which looks more attractive and I imagine it will help retain the water longer as well.
AND of course I couldn't just stop there.....I added some to these poinsettia's......(I KNOW, christmas is over BUT I am thinking these would be pretty patio plants in the summer? Has anyone ever tried them outside in the summer?)

While they might look dead to you, look a lil closer......
SEE those lil leaf sprouts? This is HUGE for me as I can NEVER keep the poinsettia's alive even DURING the Christmas part of the reason I am keeping them around is because I kept them alive AND got them to sprout again (withOUT following all that crazy snip 'em, store in darkness, etc)

Just wanted to share an easy lil MORE is MORE project (even on a BUDGET!).

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