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Thursday, June 9, 2011

A snip and a cut and some fire

Here is what we started with....
(um can we say tired and sorta plain Jane?)

This is the look we were going for.....something a lil fun.....

and VIOLA!! Here's what we landed up with.......

Can we say L O V E?!?!? I am SO PLEASED with the way my haircut came out! Are you noticing that cool lil wisp of colored hair? Or wait, is it a feather?!?!

If you guessed a feather, you were right! I have seen this is a few magazines and in real life last week in the cashier at Lowe's hair....right when I say it I KNEW I wanted one! Lo' and behold, there was a chick putting them in at the flea market!! Can we say HAPPY?!?!?

OPI crackle is all my daughter has talked about! Her and her girlfriend got a few bottles the other day and when I was at the salon yesterday, I saw a bottle of red crackle.....I thought it'd be FUN for July 4th with a turquoise-y blue under.....BUT I was so anxious to try it BUT didn't wanna spoil the surprise of blue just yet SO I decided to try this....

YELLOW!! and RED, what a fun summer-y happy combo, no? I also got to sport my new cute ruffle-y sandals.....I am having a slight obsession with yellow these days!!
The consensus was that my crackle-y toes look like fire....I LIKE them! I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Mello Yellow and OPI Red Shatter on the top.

Have a GREAT thursday!! Off to catch up on my blogs!


Morgan said...

Super cute! Love the feather!

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Anonymous said...

I am sooo loving your hair> You are rockin that for sure. Isnt it amazing how great we feel with one change. Love the toes too. Have a great weekend

Salvage Dior

Shana @ ColorBlind said...

oooh! Your hair looks gorgeous!!! and ummm ok I will try the crackle stuff...we just did the sally hansen stickers and I love them!!! seriously love your hair! Wish I could rock it!

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Tamera Beardsley said...

I love your haircut, you look gorgeous!

Courtney and Heather said...

Love your new hair cut!! And I have been seeing those feathers everywhere, very cute!