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Saturday, November 1, 2014


Pics via my iphone for the week....

The PERFECT coffee and crafts (I am trying to whiten my teeth SO I figure sippin my coffee thru a straw would be beneficial HOWEVER it ruins the entire experience!!)

PROJECTS GALORE (oh yeah, that pile behind the chairs goes from the floor to the top of the washer every week...MAYBE I should actually sort thru it....just keepin it real people....keepin it real!!)

MIXED Media journal material (next week I will post a few entries)

Steak and couscous (oddly enough the couscous was a HIT with the kids - go figure)

Coconut oil pulling (goes hand in hand with my wanting whiter teeth and supposed to de-tox the body)

Mummy Dog dinner (see FRIDAYS post for deets)

Wall of Dia de Los Muertos /Sugar Skull masks...see Thursday's post

FUTURE project in the making here 

Enjoying a morning cuppa coffee and good friend on the deck 

Homemade beef brisket


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Tricia Coniglio said...

Drinking coffee thru a straw definitely takes away the enjoyment from a lovely cup o' joe. I learned that if you rinse with water after drinking coffee it helps reduce the staining effect so every morning I do it after my coffee. It seems to help.
The brisket and steak look amazing!