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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


So last month when I went to shop and swap last month(you can catch up on the post here and one of the items I found was a glass caddy....and since I was working on a bar cart I KNEW I would be able to use it!!

A few days later while at #Marshall's I was walking down every home aisle (like I always do) and found this six pack of glasses....I had a feeling they might fit the drink caddy BUT if they didn't I would just return them (and they were a STEAL at only $3.00 for all 6)

They were indeed the PERFECT size!!! The only problem was they had only one box of 6 and I need 8 glasses total SO I will be on the hunt for another box of these glasses or something very similar that I could mix and match.

What's been YOUR fave find at Marshall's lately?!?!?

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