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Thursday, July 27, 2017


I have LOVED outdoor living this summer! I have spent more time outside so far this summer than ALL of last summer combined!!! I have seen DIY wine bottle citronella "candles" and KNEW that was something I wanted to do! There are a million and one DIY's on Pinterest and it's SO EASY and super cheap!! (to make two bottles it was $5.00 - I did have the bottles on hand AND the citronella liquid). 

After a trip to my local hardware store (I LOVE small town hardware stores!! The owner knows whats what and takes the time to help you (and even offers friendly advice to stop crafting! LOL). I went in asking for a copper coupling - when he asked what size I asked if it mattered (it can depending on your bottle opening). I had the directions saved so I went with a 1/2" x 3/8" size (which worked PERFECTLY).
Tiki Wick's - Wal_mart .96 for a two pack
Teflon Tape - .89 at my hardware store
Brass Couplings - $3.00 for a pair
Rocks (to help fill the bottom and use less citronella fuel)
Bottle - Any glass bottle will do - wine bottle, soda bottle, etc...Mine are from Dollar Tree (last summer)

I first wrapped the telfon tape around the portion of the coupling that goes into the bottle. This tape is NOT sticky ( I assumed it was and my friendly hardware man told me nope). After I teflon taped my coupling I inserted the wick - leaving a lil under a 1/2" out for lighting. 

Filled my glass jar with glass rocks I had on hand 

 Filled the bottle with the citronella fuel (I did let them stand overnight so absorb the fuel). Put them out at dinner the next evening and VIOLA!!!

SUPER, SUPER easy and I think it adds just the right touch to my outdoor table! 
I'd  LOVE to know if you decide to try this and to check yours out!! Leave me a comment so I can visit your blog! 

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