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Sunday, May 23, 2010


Now that the shop is up and running I have a lil time to get back to homekeeping....I have missed that! While I wish we had a line to hang our drawers to dry, we are not allowed in the community we live in SO, all the clothes head to the dryer with dryer sheets (that I cut into thirds so the fabric softener distributes a lil more evenly AND I can save a few dollars by not having to use several sheets per load). All that was the back story to the actual 'homekeeping' after the clothes come out we have all these dryer sheet strips that usually go in the garbage UNTIL one day I got a fab idea to use one for this....

Cleaning the 'soot' off my glass candle holders. It worked like a DREAM!

Then to the fridge I went....LOVE the look of stainless BUT with 2 kids it's a pain to keep clean, so once I tackled that I went into the fridge. To corral the loose fruits and veggies I do this...

Put then in glass dishes, that way they don't roll all over the drawer! My veggie drawer is happy :)
Momma Robin was doing a lil homekeeping herself!

The babies 'flew the nest' on Friday.

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