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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fall Window Boxes

IF you read my post yesterday you know that the summer bounty has faded and left me with empty sad pots AND WINDOW BOXES! I wanted to do something natural looking but not FAKE. I picked these up....

Pretty and simplistic.....
Golden Eucalyptus.....
Now I KNOW gold glittery mica doesn't SCREAM natural BUT they do resemble embellished stix, so I think were good! I don't think the Nester would be too disappointed!
I started with these pitiful looking boxes.....I KNEW the direction I wanted to go....a taller graduated arrangement...all I had on hand were some stix (and a few other fillers you'll see later)
Box on the other side.....LOVE the big 'ol metal star in there!
Hope ya don't mind as ya fallow along on my step-by-step arrangement process! Grab a cuppa joe!
So I added those fab looking natural flowers....that's a lil better.....the stix aren't so lonely anymore....

Then I added those gold stix (after fluffing out to look more natural) on an angle so as to make a lil nest or bed for the gourds and pumpkins....
ABOVE I just stuck it in as it came so you could see the DIFFERENCE between fluffing and stuffing....
See the difference? The bunch on the left looks stiff and un-natural....
Don't be afraid of your artificials! Bend and fluff, trim if necessary....
...using your wire cutters.....MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU!!! Here I am trimming the eucalyptus down so I can out in at an angle and continue to make a nest...
and VIOLA!!! The finished product!
Just when any sane person would be done, I add MORE!! Can you spot the difference between the above and below pic? It's almost like where's Waldo!!
In case you weren't up for playing along, I'll just tell ya...I added a HUMONGOUS pine cone and a ceramic plate in fall colors.
So tell me, which do you prefer? The box as it was OR with all the bells and whistles (ie the pine cone and plate). Is the more really too much?
Here are the boxes side by side

This is the first box I showed you. The only difference between the two is the star. The pumpkins and gourds are real, as are the tall stix....the rest, FAB fauxness!! Happy fall y'all! 5 reasons I love Trader Joe's and a GIVEAWAY!! Check out f
All Things Heart and Home
or fall decorating ideas and gearing up for Christmas!


Robin said...

Seriously the best idea for window boxes in the fall that I've ever seen! I have some on my deck that I see from the kitchen and I just take them down in the fall...I could soooo do something similar and enjoy them for a little longer! Do you decorate them for Christmas and Winter!?!?!?
Love it!
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I hope you have a great Thursday~
All Things Heart and Home

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

l♥ve them!! super cute idea:)