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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Midwest Outdoor Fall Decor

The summer growing season has come to a close (even though it's 70 degrees here today which I am LOVING) and with that it means little outdoor greenery. BUT I still wanted the outside to look "happy". SO I cut down the impatients I had in the pot, added the cute lil wagon or truck wheel, some cat tails and a metal pumpkin on a small hook (and I don't think I am ready to stop there....I might add some faux fillers!!)

In the backyard before the expanse of open field (which I do love) there are these utility boxes which I've disliked since day 1 SO over the summer I planted some tiger lillies in front (which SHOULD cover the boxes next year)
and then I added a vintage chair that I filled the missing seat with mums (please forgive me for the dead mums....I kept saying I can get the pic tomorrow and well by the time tomorrow came they were goners. RIP mums)
Notice the chair was strategically placed in front of one of the boxes! I had this iron birdbath stand on the front porch holding a pumpkin in my last post. When I threw the pumpkin away I KNEW the stand couldn't sit empty....
So I went in search of a dish to fill with water to make a lil wildlife retreat. Maya picked this fancy crystal cut bowl....
Awwww, what a sweet lil grouping. Not too shabby for a baren photo
Stay tuned! I'm to work on the window boxes next....they were looking pretty pitiful SO I went and bought some faux fillers today...I don't really like to use fake-ies BUT I also don't like a box o' dirt!

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