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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

TOP 5 Reasons I L O V E Trader Joe's

Reason NO. 5
FRIENDLY helpful staff! If ya don't see it, ask somebody....I was looking for their Cilantro dressing (LOVE in a bottle...put some on plain 'ol spinach leaves and WOW!) as it turns out, it's current'y on a recall SO if you have a bottle make sure it wasn't on the recall list (I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for when it makes a come back!)

Reason NO. 4
Healthy and affordable! The offerings at Trader Joe's are the direction I am going in regards to healthy / organic eating....(and they offer samples SO you can try before you buy)

Reason NO. 3

You can get an ENTIRE meal wine INCLUDED for under $15.00! That package of pork carnitas from Trader "JOSE" (how funny is that!?!?) fed 2 adults and 2 kids (which ps, the kids LOVED - I was half expecting them to gripe and complain BUT they came back for seconds and thirds). Now I do feel the need to let y'all know I had the balance of ingredients on hand for shredded pork tacos (shredded cheese, diced fresh tomatoes and fresh cilantro BUT these are staples in our home)
SEE? Entire meal for $13.60!
Reason NO.2
FREE Pumpkins! That's right! This FAB cinderella pumpkin and palest of green shade pumpkin on top were FREE! On my way out the door I saw a sign that said "pumpkins .29" I was sure it was by pound even though it didn't have the "lb" after the price....WHAT?! Could these fab varieties really be .29 EACH? So I stood there, hemmed and hawed....realizing I parked downstairs and a block away (as we were doing other shopping) would I carry my bags and 4 pumpkins (yes 4 because I needed 2 for each urn)....just then a TJ worker passed and I asked "are these really .29 each?" he replied "I think they're free....lemme check" so now I am all beside myself....and he comes back and says "yep. they're free. the season is over (and I am thinking to myself WHAT?! don't people just decorate for fall? Thanksgiving dinner?) how many do you want? 2?" so I say "um, can I have 4? or is that too many?"

Look very closely and you will see my 2 urns with my pretty (FREE) pumpkins! and that leads me to

I left there feeling HAPPY!!!!

Onto the giveaway....Leave me a comment of what YOUR fave item from Trader Joe's is and I will send ya a lil Starbux gift card - enjoy a latte on me for sharing YOUR fave item! Winner will be drawn Sunday at 8pm Illinois time!!

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