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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Life is BEAUTY FULL....

Found these FAB colors at Target in the clearance bin....I had no idea WHO they were by BUT loved the deep purple and dusty teal....Once I peeled off the clearance label (they were $2.48 each) I saw they were made by Sonia Kasuk.....The purple color on the left is called "ROCK STAR" how could ya not LOVE it with a name like that?!?! And the dusty teal is called "Taunting Teal"

Here is the Rock Star on my toes-ies....(cell-y pic, hence the small size). I LOVE the color! And as for wear, it's been on a week and still looks FAB!

Stopped in Big Lots the other day looking for a bulletin board (I am going to make a vision board...more on that later) and while I DID NOT find a bulletin board, I did find some inexpensive beauty products.....

*Green Tea Facial Cleansing Wipes (hopefully these will help me get better about taking y make-up off before bed) $1.00

*Loreal Eye Pencil (which I am using as a lipliner....its a nude color, so I can outline my lips and use with ANY color). I am NOT SURE why anyone would want a nude eye there some beauty trick I am unaware of? $1.50

* Natural wooden stick Q-tips that will look FAB in a jar in the bathroom and GREAT to clean up those lil make-up smudges...Don't ya LOVE a double duty product? Decorative AND purposeful! $1.00

To BANG or NOT to BANG....that is the question......I am growing my hair out and SO BORED with it right now that I wanna hack it all off again (I really do love shorter hair on me...I think it's sassy and fun and I FELL sassier when my hair is short). SO, I was thinking about getting bangs cut in the next time I am at the salon.....Will you weigh in? Tell me whatcha think?

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