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Friday, August 19, 2011

Cover Up with Quatrefoil

Have you been to Bath & Body lately? They have a pretty amazing (and FUN) Fall line....squirrels, owls, skully's and quatrefoil! I picked this lil baby up Monday....

SO HARD to's a chrome quatrefoil soap dispenser cover up......that way I am able to use my Fourth of July soap for fall (and don't be fooled, I did NOT get the 4th soap on sale...I was just busy moving around the time of the 4th that I never got to use it and I was bummed out)
LUCKILY, I chose apple pie SO it's perfect for Back-To-School and FALL!!! I tried to just slip the cover right onto the soap.....
But the perfectionist in me would not allow me to leave the flag peaking thru.....(and I think it just looks ugly having the label peeking thru the design anyway, SO Dear B&B, please make your labels easier to remove....because I am taking mine OFF....). AS you can see, 100x better withOUT the label!!
Here are a few of the other designs they offer (pics courtesy of Bath & Body)

And if you LOVE quatrefoil and want a FUN pop of color this fall, I have a few of these bags available for purchase! They are $17.00 shipped (price includes S&H) just leave me a message if you want to purchase!

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