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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Beauty Brigade

HELLO! It's been AGES, I know! Personal changes have prohibited me from being able to blog BUT the good news is I'm bbaaaacccckkkkkk! I thought a FUN first post would be a beauty post! Some of these are news products I have yet to try (so when I do I will give ya a review and a yay or nay on them) and others are PERSONAL faves!

Here is my loot...........elf ultimate eye collection in 'Summer Ready', Exfoliating natural loofah pads, bigsexyhair Spray & Play, Shady Lady theBalm, elf Superglossy lip shine and Hydralane Moisturizing Eye Contour Care
I cannot say ENOUGH about how much I LOVE bigsexyhair Hairspray.....I go back and forth between this and Redken (because I feel my hair needs the change up every now and then so it doesn't get used to one brand). This spray however is an amazing hold SO when I can find it on sale I snag it up (Marshall's $11.99 vs. $18.00 elsewhere)
eyes lips face = elf. Have you ever tried their products? These are FAB lil gems that cost anywhere from $1.00 - $5.00 MAX and can usually be found at Target (sometimes the Dollar Store and Big Lots - which is where I got mine from). I have used the gloss before and love it, this is a new shade....Mauve Luxe
I also picked up this ultimate eye collection kit in a "summer ready" palette. Truth be told, I have used the eyelid primer and LOVED it (just ran out) and the primer is $1.00, this entire kit was $4.50 - I figured I couldn't go wrong as I was going to spend the dollar anyway on the primer. There are some really nice nude / neutral shades as well as a fab sparkly dark grey - can't wait to try this!
While at Marshall's I came across Shad Lady...has anyone used this product? The packaging is way too cute! (thanks to my friend Jen and her adorable bathroom I've come to appreciate a good pack job - that doubles as a fab display)
Packaged similar to a CD, once opened, these fun eyeshadow shades were revealed....
Natural exfoliating loofah face cleansing pads....I liked the natural look and think they will be fab displayed in a small apothecary jar and a great way to exfoliate my face.
Also pictured is Hydralane Eye Moisturizing Contour care.....having just celebrated a birthday last week, I am feeling the need to be more vigilant with a skin care, anti-aging routine. I have never tried this product BUT will also let ya know what I think!

Make it a BEAUTIFUL day!

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