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Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunsets, flowers and jewels

Happy Monday! Had a great weekend...Hope you did too!

A few photo's from my weekend.....White hyacinth....signs that spring is in FULL bloom here in the Midwest!! (you may notice the colored water....did you ever do that experiment in school with a white carnation and food coloring? I was curious if it would work with the hyacinths but alas it did not)

Close up pic - regular 

Close up pic - in an insta....LOVE the sepia coloring

The GORGEOUS sunset last night driving back

I made this over the weekend....I have been seeing these FAB Skully wrap bracelets all over Etsy and WANTed one...but being on a budget, 45.00 was out of my price range....SO I tried to re-create the look myself...

 I am very pleased with the way it came out! There are a few skulls scattered throughout the bracelet as well as some glass beads and of course my beloved pearls!!

What did you do this weekend?!?!?

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