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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I SWEAR it's NOT a food blog

I KNOW I have been posting a lot of food pictures lately...and that's because we all need to eat right?!?!? I actually have a few other side projects going (In addition to looking for a job...anyone know of anything in NW illinois? Clerical, secretarial) but just haven't completed them and don't wanna show a half done project! 

I have found this wonderful Pane Italian bread that is delish for BLTS (and grilled cheese).....

CHEERS! I am raising my glass with the juice I squeezed from the grapefruit I ate! I LOVE fresh squeezed grapefruit juice.

I FINALLY tried my instagram app....LOVE it! Makes the fresh cut fruit look so fancy!

 Friday's dinner....Salmon with gardeneria and fresh cut pineapple.....a mix of spicy and sweet

 The kids and I baked some springy chocolate chip cookies (place and bake count as baking....right?)

 HERE is a project I am working on!! Any guess what these are.....
Have a FAB day friends!

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