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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Happy Hump day - it is WEDNESDAY and for the regulars, you know what that means....What I Wore!! Linking up with Lindsey here

Thursday-  Errands and the worst Mani ever

This silly photo is just to showcase my digits....and I had the manicurist do them in Yellow Kitty to match my toes....I didn't think I would like them BUT I actually LOVED the yellow polish on my toes and fingers! Thankfully you can't see what a craptastic job she did polishing them....

 What I'm wearing
Lace Shirt - Rue 21?
Tank - Gap
Jeans - Maurices
FABBY yellow polish - Sally Hansen

Thursday - Errands
 What I'm wearing

Black Shirt with flower details on the sleeve - Vintage (and I LOVE it - so perfect with my new sunny nails)
Black Leggings - Seven via Marshalls
Gold Sandals - Wal-mart last season
Complimentary Yellow Leopard water cup - Big Lots

Striking a pose - LOL!!
Friday - Visiting a dear friend and her new baby and the start of momma's weekend!!
You may have noticed yellow was the theme color this week (to coordinate with my nails!)....who knew I had so much yellow!!

 What I am wearing

Yellow Cardi (I felt like I was channeling my inner Randy Jackson via American Idol all day) - Vintage
Grey Tank - Gap
Grey and Black Striped Skirt - Target
Flippys - Wal-Mart last season
Hair - Snooki poof!

I really liked this outfit and got compliments on it too! I think the pop of yellow was the perfect touch to jazz up all the grey!
 Sunday - Church and Brunch
 What I am wearing
Black Dress - Wal-Mart last season
**disclaimer - earlier in the day I was wearing a gold belt and gold flats....but as the day wore on I just wanted to be I ditched the belt and the shoes for some flip flops!
Flippys - Wal-Mart

HEY! Go figure, this entire outfit was from Wal-Mart.....who knew you could style could be found at Wal-Mart?!?!?! I mean I know it isn't high end or anything BUT I felt pretty good al day wearing it!

Monday - Grocery Shopping
 What I am wearing

Brown Cashmere Cardi - Thrifted
Taupe Polka dot T - Target Via the Thrift
Jean Capris - Maurices
FAB Flashy "Leopard" boots - Uggs

**yes, a sweater and boots - the chill returned to the midwest via 50 degree temps)

Tuesday - My lil guy's Spring Concert

I don't usually post pics of my kids on here BUT his lil bowtie was too darn cute NOT to post!
 What I am wearing

Denim Jacket - Wal-Mart AGES ago
Dress - Kohls
Grey Suede Boots - Target Last Season (I coveted these boots after seeing them on another blog and lo and behold when I went to Target they were on major clearance, it was the LAST pair and they were MY size - SCORE!!!)
 As the day wore on and the temps went up into the 70's (even though it was WINDY) I lost the jacket

Can't wait to see what you all wore! Have a FAB day!


Amy said...

Did you have to pin down your son to get him to wear that tie? Adorable! My son is impossible. I have dreams of getting him dressed up...but that's where it ends! I bought him and adorable vintage cordouroy blazer and he was not impressed. Boo!

Makaila said...

I ADORE your neon yellow nails!! Those color are just so hard to paint with tho, aren't they. Still. I'm going to try it.

And your boy in that bowtie is ADORABLE! Dang, he looks like quite the character. :)

Rachel Kaylynn said...

I love the yellow nails - perfect your spring. Your son is too cute in that bow tie, I wonder if I can convince my little men to them?

Object of Maya*ffection said...

Thanks for the comments ladies! The irony is he CHOSE the bowtie!!