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Sunday, August 12, 2012


The 3 French Hens Market is THE place to be...according to Romantic Home Magazine and Romantic Country Home magazine (you can read all about it by clicking on their link above). There annual night market was yesterday and I was part of the magic....before I show you my pics, here was the entrance to the "HEN HOUSE"

Wasn't their set up adorable?!?!? They did a great job!! There were chippy wooden fixtures, chandeliers, etc.....

HERE is my vignette.....I LOVE this space right across from the canal because I have a gorgeous backdrop.....

The chairs and table both SOLD!!! As well as many of the smaller items pictured....

Here is a close up of the fabric chandy that I got a lot of ooh and ahh's, but didn't sell - and I am great with that because it gorgeous and I wanted to keep it!!

Here was the other side of my booth space with more of the smaller items....I didn't have a canopy because it's a lil challenging to set up a canopy all alone, but it worked out ok...I moved with the sun!! The canopy does add a finishing touch to the display though...SO for all the canopy makers, make one that is one touch for one person to set up ;)

My girl and I in our boots! Her pink one's were the hit of the day!! 

Picturesque photos of the canal and awesome bridge....

If you saw me at the market - leave a comment and say hi!! 

I'd rather have a life of "oh well's" than a life of "what if's"

This market symbolized more than just success in displays, sales and meeting new see, I used to have a partner that helped me with these markets, and this person LOVED it as much as I do...shared a genuine passion for it and it was awesome....but as life changes, you drift your seperate ways and you are left with just memories....THIS was the first market I have done by myself in a LONG time, I wasn't sure I could do it, I knew my displays would b great BUT not everything I dreamed of....but guess what? I DID IT!! There is great success in knowing you can do something....and to me that is an "I DID IT" and if I had failed, it would've been a "oh well" instead of wondering "what if" my words of wisdom this morning are " YOU CAN DO IT"


Sincerely Mally said...

OOO wish i Could come!!

Martha Layton Smith said...

Your space was wonderful and you could see your creativity all over it! LOVED the vignette across from you against the backdrop of the canal!
How nice to meet you, Keep up the good work and the great attitude... it will get you everywhere!