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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Wednesday - Kids first day of school and a picnic in the park! 

Thursday - Work "Big Visit"
 What I am wearing:
Leopard Sweater- Thrifted
Black Tank - Thrifted
Necklaces - Thrifted
Belt - Chico's
Red Jeans - Chico's
Booties - Carlos Santana via Marshall's

Friday - Work
I layered and layered this day!! 

 What I am wearing:
Scarf - Nordstrom Rack
Flower "pin" - Chico's (do you see it on my scarf)
Orange Tank - Chico's
Ecru Tank - Chico's
Capri's - Chico's
Sandals - Macy's

Sorry for the lack of close-ups of accessories - things have been CRAZY - work, moving, setting up a new home, school, after school activities - YIKES!!

Saturday - MOVING day with the "movers" (and I use that term loosely) from HELL and work
 What I am wearing:
Leopard "Peplum" - Thrifted (almost went back to the thrift as it was so BIG and BAGGY before I added the wonder tool AKA the belt)
Belt - Chico's
Leopard trimmed jeans - Chico's
Heels - Thrifted


 What I am wearing:
A NEW shorty and sassy haircut! LOVE!

I finally got around to washing these vintage scarves I thrifted (that I wanted to wear as a headscarf a la The Real Housewives of NJ) and was sad that I wouldn't be able to wear them now that I have short hair....

I think I can totally sport a headscarf - what do you think?!?! I feel like I should be riding this with my fab scarf...

Linking up with Lindsey looking forward to seeing what YOU wore!
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Ali Grace said...

Love your SUPA cute hair cut!

Rachel said...

I like your new short haircut! But it's just a little intense with the scarf added... :P