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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

WIWW Outtakes Part II

I once posted the "outtakes" from my What I Wore Wednesday pics and they were a hit! SO, as I was cleaning out my pics I noticed I have several outtakes again....ENJOY!! It's good to be a lil silly sometimes....laughter is good for the soul!

This is an oldie...maybe back in March....Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting....

I look like lil Miss Mary Sunshine (I was actually trying to showcase my fab vintage umbrella)

Was fixing my hair and lil Miss thought it would be funny to take my pic - I feel like I look mad...

 And apparently the next time I thought I was a pin-up girl!! 
 And then a hippie!! (the "headscarf" is actually the belt that goes to the dress, but I was thinking "outside the box")

I feel like one of the Seven Dwarves here....Hi ho hi ho....(in reality I was kicking a pair of flip flops off to the side)

Channeling my inner Cowgirl!! 

Peace out Girl Scout

1 comment:

Makaila said...

omg, these are awesome!! LOL :D

my fav has to be the third from the bottom!