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Sunday, August 12, 2012

A day in the life.....

A day in the life are lil snapshots throughout the week of things that caught my eye....things only other bloggers will understand (my kids don't understand why I have to take pics of my food...or shoes I try on in the aisle at Target, etc....all I ever hear is "you're so embarrassing"). 

These are thus far my all time FAVE hair products...the göt2b line by can get these at any drug store (the hair paste is actually from Big Lots) and they won't break the bank! They smell fab and work great! If you have used them or try them after this post, lemme know what YOU think of them!!

No trip to Marshall's is complete without checking out the clearance section...where I found Mr. Bones! (I saw him last week but he was $1.00 (because he's missing a blingy eye - easy fix!!! But I was too cheap to pay $1.00..when I went this week, he was .70 - HAD TO HAVE!!)

His first run was making my couponing list (I haven't gotten as good as those extreme couponers BUT I am working on it!!)

Here is the above mentioned pic....trying on shoes in Target - don't ya love these turquoise suede mocs? Have y'all noticed fall's line is very Southwest inspired? Yay or nay to Southwest?

 While I did NOT get the moccassins, my lil guy did get some new kicks...converse Batman with BAT WINGS!!!! Are these great or WHAT?!?!?!? My lil guy is so obsessed with Batman!! I couldn't pass on these!!

 My new haircut....I was trying to grow it out BUT after seeing my new drivers license pic with the long hair, I immediatley made an appointment to get it cut...long hair is awesome and looks great on some people BUT isn't for me.....I only had about 2" taken off and a new style....but I forsee shorter hair still in my future....

 I vended at the 3 French Hens market usual a great show full of awesome vendors!!

I made this gorgeous fabric chandy....which didn't sell and I am secretly glad about because I wanted to keep it!!
More French Hens pics to come!! Check my next post!! 

May every sunrise hold more promise and every sunset hold more peace

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