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Sunday, April 27, 2014

A day in the life....

....Pics via my iphone for the past week....

Went WILD for nail art....

Walked the track with my lil guy and his classmates - 2x this week

GREAT to see kids taking part and getting this day and age all you see are kids noses' in their electronics

Went to my girls' track meets (yes 2 this week...this one sunny and gorgeous, the other cold and windy)

YIKES!! A lil too much first season sun on my worries, now it's a gorgeous tan color and NO, I don't overdue it (that was an hour IF that in the sun) I don't want skin cancer...I stopped doing the tanning beds this past winter and will be UBER mindful of the sun I get outdoors...please please y'all BE CAREFUL

ADORING these sandals....
 Picked these fun "candy coated" (they remind me of Nerds ropes candy) hoops at HobLob for $3.00
(apparently I am channeling my inner hippie this week)

My trusty sidekick...wherever I am. he's no far (UNLESS his "dogma" is home {my daughter}) because of his fur he always reminds me of a fur rug!!

Went to McD's to try and blog in the absence of my internet and WOW their wifi was SO much so that I left...

What have YOU been up to this week?!?!?

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