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Monday, June 9, 2014

THRIFTY TUESDAY....Fab Jewelry on the lo-lo part deux

I am a girl who LOVES her jewelry...I always have BUT now more than ever! It dresses up an outfit, pulls everything together and ALWAYS fits!! The tiny details are what MAKES the big picture!! With that being said I picked up some FAB costume jewelry last can see the prices on some of fact the pieces without prices were only a dolla! These pieces were originally from places like Wal-mart and Target...

This GORG statement piece is from Old Tyme Pottery and was on clearance for $ sister asked if it was made from hangers and everyone else has complimented me on it...I know this look isn't for everyone BUT I happen to like it!!

I wouldn't ordinarily wear something like this piece below BUT I KNEW it would coordinate with a pair of earrings I got at HobLob....and the earrings from THIS set ended up going PERFECT with another necklace I had at home (see pic below)

Here are the HobLob earrings 

WITH the necklace....a good match no?!?!?

Below is a necklace I got at the thrift store for .99 (there were several totes FULL of these type of new necklaces and when I bought it I didn't know what I would do with it BUT I have worn it several times since then) and when I was taking the earrings and hanging them up I realized they go PERFECT with this necklace!! DOUBLE SCORE on my $1.29 necklace from above!! 

Where's YOUR go-to place for fun funky jewels!?!?!

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