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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


If you've been reading my blog for a lil while you know shop and swap is once a year out in these here parts - every fall to be exact. THIS year marks the third year I've went and I ALWAYS get something good! It was like mayhem though this year....I got there half hour after it opened on the first day(had to get my son from school first) and people were LITERALLY running through like LUNATICS!!! It was a little picked over already within a half hour. BUT that's ok, there's always something for everyone....

These barrel style chairs are going to be PERFECT for my basement family room makeover!!! They're sturdy, large and were lightweight (or I'm a strong mutha because I carried them BOTH at once a half a block)

My HAUL (In all fairness though the bags on the right side were from one of my clients)

The housewares section (I think I will get a TON of use out of that blue 3 bud vase, a fab citrine green covered dish - another piece for the basement makeover? a chicken feeder, wicker chargers, a cheese cloche, pinecones - which have already found a home in the base of my plant because the pets like to dig in the dirt and see that GLORIOUS vintage metal trash can?!?!? THAT was the score of the day)

Some close-ups of the items....stay tuned to see where everything went to live....

On to the clothes portion....

T-shirts for cutting (and the gym IF I ever get my lazy butt there!!)

What FAB things have you scored lately?!?!?! Did I mention these were all FREE?!?!?!? You can donate items (which I was happy to do - I had 3 bags full and a box of toys my son no longer plays with - some good stuff).

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