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Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Can I be honest? Over the last year I gained 30+ pounds and when that happens the LAST thing you feel like doing is trying to squeeze into your old clothes....SO you should buy a couple pieces to tie you over until you get on your fitness journey right?!?! I worried that would breed comfort and lack of motivation (I did end up buying the next size up in jeans ONLY and have made my oversized - which became fitted pieces work for the time being). I am on said fitness journey BUT haven't felt as good as I did 30 pounds ago....I mean in MY MIND I still weight the same - the clothes scream NO NO!! Anyway, that's why I have been MIA from WIWW...I just haven't felt that great in my own skin....I am working on it....SO for the time being you will get to see OUTFITS (I mean if you look good you def feel better - RIGHT?!?!). So I try to take the time to mix and match what I have...OH, and while on a spending freeze because Momma doesn't have it to spend right now....

 Jacket - Chico's
Printed Thermal -  Thrifted
Necklace (on shirt)  - Walmart
Earrings - Burlington Coat Factory
Jeans - Ross (yep - the next size up SO any time you see jeans it's the SAME pair - for now)
Booties - TOMS

 Skull Printed Thermal - Target (mens section from a few years ago)
Statement Necklace - Same as above - WALMART
Jeans - ROSS
How have YOU mixed it up?!?!? Especially when on a spending freeze with too small clothes....

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