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Monday, April 11, 2011

Easter Decor

I don't know about y'all BUT I was having an awful time getting started with easter decor this year (as you've heard a hundred times and will hear from now until fall again when all the seasons have gone full circle...a lot of my stuff got ruined in the flood, so it was a lil like starting over) AND I didn't want garish or loud (which I KNOW you're sayin' UM, isn't that a lotta lime green?!?!? to me, lime green is a neutral for me) I wanted more natural and NONE of the store had what I was looking for....SO I had to be a lil creative!

Here is the mantle now.....(I will give ya the details...)
See that cute dark brown basket of eggs with the happy lime green ribbon (which has cute lil white polka dots)? Ribbon is from the Dollar Tree and the basket is a Salvation Army find for .99......what a STEAL!! But I did buy it in December!! That's part of the trick(to save money and decorate for every season), buying things "off season"...just in case you didn't believe me....
The mantle was a bit of a challenge....this orange window was hanging above the fireplace since February....I really wanted to try and make it work with the easter decor BUT it was a NO GO!!

Lil'tableau in the foyer you notice a common theme?
Bunnies in cloches! If you are interested in the pink base w/the glass cloche is for sale $15.00 which INCLUDES shipping, just leave me a comment!

I was at Big Lots looking for some neutral easter decor and saw these really restful color palette of dishclothes.....I was in the market for new dishclothes, and THIS is the color palette I was looking for in terms of easter decor
Here is a lil hodge podge of natural elements.....a branch from the backyard which I am trying to get to flower (inspiration for that came from Aura Joon) Reindeer moss, natural craft paper eggs, a newspaper bird (from Michaels dollar spot) a lil tree I've had since the beginning of December and do you see that adorable lil white birdie with a crown??? That lil piece of fabness came from Michaels (it was only $1.25 on clearance). Oh, the white basket, that was a .25 garage sale find last summer!
I found these lil paper beauties at this great outlet dollar store out here....I knew I wanted to make a garland with them...
I did make a garland with them BUT then I saw this empty frame and said lemme try something...
and VIOLA! Here it is!! I took a .25 garage sale frame and made it a cue lil spring frame.
While at big lots I found this easter egg topiary was $9.60 with an ADDITIONAL 20% off because it was like this.....
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall! But NO worries, momma had some replacement eggs!
AND leopard ribbon!!

While getting creative, I knew I wanted to do something with this.....

oooh, do you see what I see? There are the two above elements....making a lil bunny cloche! I have to say, even though i was going for natural and subdued THIS arrangement is my FAVE! I think it's the sleek black playing off the fun colors and the fancy 2 tier tray that I had no idea what to do with and it landed up being perfect for easter candy!
The lil tubes of sixlets in the bright colors are my FAVE!!

PHEW! That was a lotta pics and seems like even more words! I hope I wasn't rambling cuz it sure feels like I was! Happy Spring decorating peeps!

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Cassi said...

I love your Easter displays soo cute!