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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Indoor S'More's

Have any of you had that nasty 2 part cold that's been going around? We're on our second week with it and it stinks! Being sick means staying in. resting and watching tv......BUT you need a yummy snack, right?!?!

We chose indoor S'Mores! Now I am SURE I am NOT the first person to do this (in fact, we used to do this all the time BUT with the microwave).

Here is all the yummy S'More goodness (notice the pretty fleur de lis chocolate squares)
Wait, in the above pic I forgot our roasting skewers (which is ok, they kinda ruin the pretty in the picture)
As you can see, we simply held the marshmallow over the stove flame (I did remove the burner grates to avoid marshmallow mess madness) and kids, you need mom and dad's supervision!!
Just in case your marshmallow catches on can blow it out! (remember, I was make-up and comfy fleece - how scary!!)
mmmm, mmmm good! The perfect Indoor S'more!
Kid tested - MOTHER APPROVED!!
Have a GREAT day! Try your own indoor S'More today!!

1 comment:

Courtney said...

Yummy s'mores!!! And as far as the two-part cold? I teach piano lessons and it seems all my students are getting it. I'm sure I'm destined to get my turn, but I keep hoping it'll pass on by me.

p.s. Cute blog background. Looks so soft and fuzzy!