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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WIWW November

Hi Y'all! It's been awhile since I have linked up....I just never feel my ensembles are worthy of posting (I had this conversation with myself this morning as I got went a lil something like I am going to wear jeans and a sweater...hhhmmmm, not worthy of posting...wish I was wearing something fashion forward, wish I had some new cute heels....wish I liked wearing heels) and at the end of the conversation with myself I decided I am doing ok....I am getting dressed, not schlumping around so it's worth it, right?!?!

Here was last Tuesday's outfit (we'll call it the the day before the madness - LOL!!)

Sweater - Limited via the thrift
Leopard Skirt - Thrifted
Brown Tights - Old
Grey Boots - Target Last winter

Thanksgiving Day....really LOVED the dress, got lots of compliments BUT just didn't photog well...and you can't tell in the pic either BUT I am wearing plum colored tights (that have a pattern - I didn't know that until I put them on). I asked my daughter is I should wear brown tights or purple and she says "purple"...then later she says "I can't believe you are wearing purple tights!!" My girl doesn't take chances, or enjoy the frou-frou.....
Anyway, onto the outfit details....
Brown "velvet" dress - Thrift
Plum Tights - Marshall's
Brown Suede Heeled Mary Janes - OLD Target 2004
Vintage Pearls - Great Aunt's

And here is Saturday's outfit....sadly I didn't get a WIWW pic SO a group shot will have to do!!

Peace Hat - Family Dollar
Red Plaid Shirt - Black Friday STEAL at Target
Black Tank - Target 2009
Vintage Pearls - Great Aunt

What you CAN'T SEE

Black Jeggings - Seven via Marshall's
Leopard Rain Boots - Aldi


Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Great outfits! I think jeans and whatever you put on with them are fine for an outfit post. My outfits are almost always casual. Casual is a valid style! (At least I think so)

I followed you here from WIWW.


Natalia Lynn said...

You're so cute!! I think you have great style! :)

christy zima said...

Your ensembles are always awesome! Casual is my favorite style! I went out this week looking for a dress and came home with my favorites instead- Old Navy sweats! LOL PS-still need to go dress shopping!! ARGH Have a good one :)