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Monday, November 28, 2011


My girlies and I had a cookie / gift exchange this past weekend. After preparing a Thanksgiving meal for 16 I wanted an EASY cookie recipe (and something different that I haven't done before). So I turned to the Food Network magazine and found a simple Saltine Toffee cookie recipe. I tweaked it a lil to avoid an allergic reaction to nuts (I will list both recipes below). Here is how they came out.....

While out Black Friday shopping (did y'all go?) I picked up these simple glass vintage looking mason jars at Dollar Tree (I knew I wanted something cute and classic that would display the cookies).....
I added lime green (my signature color) ribbon to the jars (there are cute lil brown pinstripes and the words Let it snow printed on the ribbon)....

TA-DA!! Here they are with the toffee!! LOVE the way they came out....just as I pictured in my head (don't you LOVE when that happens?!?!)

Here we are (SORRY GIRLS.....DON'T hate me ☺ ). Jenny and I are wearing almost identical plaid shirts (I SWEAR we didn't plan it that way!!). I got mine at Target Black Friday for $10.00 and I got my daughter a matching one - won't we be so cute - and THAT will be intentional!


*32 Saltine Crackers *1 stick of butter
* 1/4 cup brown sugar *1/4 cup granulated sugar
*1 cup chocolate chips *Chopped Peanut Brittle (my substitute)
OR *Chopped Pecans (original recipe)

Lay saltines on foil lined baking sheet. Pre-heat oven to 375. Boil butter and sugars until melted. Spoon sugar mixture over crackers (I used a small ladle and did each individual cracker so they didn't stick together). Bake for 5 minutes. Remove from oven, sprinkle with chocolate chips (again I did each individual cracker) and bake again for 1 minute. Remove from oven and spread chocolate evenly over each cracker. Sprinkle topping of choice (peanut brittle or pecans) and chill. (I found putting them in the fridge for a few hours worked best). ENJOY!!

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