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Friday, February 24, 2012


I KNOW this is not a topic new to blogworld BUT it is semi-new to me! Couponing! I used to do this back in 2003 with Walgreens sales ad and the coupons...they always seemed to coincide and you could get incredible deals! But as time goes by, I got out of the habit, got busy with a job, a new baby, etc BUT recently one of my girlies was talking about how her cousin saved this crazy amount of money and oddly enough the next day extreme couponing was on tv. SO I KNEW I had to get in on this amazing experience!! So I got my Sunday paper (which cost 3.00 - RIDICULOUS - you hear that Rockford Register Star???!?!?!) and clipped lil coupon keeper was so skinny and pitiful....there were very few in there and nothing in the sales ads! So next week I was in Chicago and got the Tribune (for 1.95 thankyouverymuch) and clipped a bunch of coupons....organized them and noticed a lot of the coupons I had last week were for items in that weeks CVS ad. CHA-CHING!! 

I got all the above items for $31.03...while that ay not seem like that great of savings, think of this...the hair color is 5.99 at the cheapest....the hairspray 3.99, right there is almost 1/3 of the budget. Through the CVS ad I saved $22.77 and my coupons were an additional $11.80 SO that means I saved a total of $34.57 which means I saved more than I spent AND i earned $3.00 in CVS bucks toward anything I want on my next purchase!! I'd say that's pretty darn good! 

 On Tuesday I had to get some groceries and went to Wallyworld.....See all of this?

AND this????
Got it all for 104.00...that'r right! I got 6 meat meals, juice, fresh fruit and treats! Here I was only able to use $5.00 in coupons....BUT one coupon was for $2.00 off and glade product and see the blue glade plug in in the right hand corner? That was on clearance for $1.50 (from the holiday line BUT it's vanilla which I love and always use...good base for any scent combining)...SO that means I got .50 applied to my grocery bill!

I know my savings aren't that vast yet....I am just getting started...I would LOVE any tips y'all have! Coupon site you print out from on a regular basis, tips or tricks! Leave me a comment!

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White Lacquer said...

I need some tips too. Sometimes it works out fantastically, other times I guess I'm thankful I saved $5. Let me know if you come up with some other fab ways.

xx. Patience