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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Golden Goose

I can't believe I FORGOT to take a before picture of this vase....I left it sitting on the counter so i would remember...and as soon as I got spray trigger happy I realized I didn't have my before....SO I got the one side at least!! It was a clear glass hobnail vase that I had the intent to paint robins egg blue or granny smith green BUT being on a gold kick lately I decided to let her be classy not sassy!! 

Et Violá! Here she is in all her chic splendor full of fresh picked flowers from my lil guy! The sweetest thing is when your child comes to you with a handful of picked flowers (I very much regret I didn't get a picture of that).

Since I had the gold spray paint out I decided to tackle another project.....I got this fab giraffe at a garage sale....I saw the sale when I was taking the kids to school...spied the giraffe and didn't stop because I thought it would be expensive....but I went back prepared to offer $3.00. When I walked up I saw it was marked $1.00 - what?!?!?! I paid and RAN!! It's made of leather.....

From the moment I saw her I knew I wanted to paint her white. I thought she'd look so amazing displayed ANYWHERE based on the size and anything white is fab!! So I sprayed....and sprayed....

And then winter came and I didn't spray anymore....BUT in that time I had the epiphany to use her as a jewelry necklaces would look so fun on her!! And wait, wouldn't she be even better in gold?!?!?

My daughter was bored out of her mind SO I asked her if she wanted to spray paint the giraffe and she was over the moon to do so....She even re-enacted the moment from the Lion King when they hold Simba the cub up for the world to see!!
(get 'em started young and they may prove to be a great help!! She can't wait for my next spray painting project).

Do we love the gold?!!?!

Y'all have heard of the Golden Goose - so how about a golden giraffe?!?!?!?

Doesn't she look pretty?!?! All decked out in her jewels? Maybe one day I will have to show you how I organize my accessories (wallets, purses, etc in the cabinet to the right of the giraffe). 

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