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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Is it me or do the weeks seem to go by faster when WIWW posts go up?!?!? I am linking up with The Pleated Poppy

Wednesday - Another day in the life and wrestling practice

 What I am wearing (my entire outfit is thrifted.....the sandals were BRAND NEW)

Plum colored long sleeve - Target via the Thrift
Khaki Cargos - Lane Bryant via the Thrift
Sandals - ? BRAND  NEW at the Thrift
All different thrift stores at all different times of the year!! These are the most fab cargos evah!! The fit is amazing, they are lightweight (and I think very flattering because they don't have the bulk that some cargos do). I don't think you can see my toesies very well BUT my shirt color was inspired by the Lilac on my toes.....

Thursday - Spring Concert
 What I Am Wearing:

Leopard Print Jacket - Cato (a local? store)
Black Dress - Target
Grey Boots - Target

 Without the Jacket

What I Am Wearing:

SUPER crazy smile
Jean Jacket - Kohl's several years ago
Black Ruffle Shirt - Vintage
Black Leggings - Seven via Marshall's
Boots - Uggs

Sans Jacket (Don't you LOVE the ruffle details?!?!) be honest I had a hard time wearing this's a size too big....there are belt loops so I felt the need the wear a belt (you can't even tell in the above pic that I have a belt BUT after seeing several pics with I decided to ditch the seen below)

Sunday - Church

What I Am Wearing:
Black Cardi - Target
Black Tank -  Target
Maxi Dress - Marshall's

I wore a tank over my maxi dress because the dress is strapless and would be too "revealing" for church (or probably any other day as the last time I wore this dress I also wore a tank over it....AND the white layer of the dress falls at just the WRONG spot if I don't pull it down far enough!!). This outfit was inspired by my lilac polish.....

 Monday - Bowling (duh obviously)

What I am wearing

H&M Striped shirt (affectionatley dubbed the "mime" shirt)  - The Thrift
Black Leggings - Seven via Marshall's
Accessories - The Brunswick bowling alley

(Never mind the crazy nest hair.....I had it in a clip that I took out for the pic BUT after being awake for 16 hours for her trip to Springfield my 12 yr old photographer was just wanting to get it over, so this was the best of the best)
What I Am Wearing

Leopard Cardi - Target
Mustard V-Neck Tee - Target
Capris - OLD Wal-Mart
Gold Glitter Shoes - Made by moi

NOW, truth be told, I was nervous about wearing such a bold shoe in public....I felt kind clown-ish....and the "good" news is that when I put them on and walked 2 feet, the gold came off in chunks....NOW, there are 2 possible scenarios.....the first is I first used a spray glitter on the shoe and that flaked off so then I mod podged regular glitter over it {may as well TRY to save them before pitching them, right?} The second possability is the type of shoe....leather, that bends a lot....SO, I ask all you do it yourselfers......HOW did you get YOUR glitter to stick to your shoes? Any tips?

Off to see what y'all wore!

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