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Friday, April 20, 2012

Stripes 1.23

Driving past Goodwill today I noticed the sign on the window said 1.23 clothing sale....WHA?!?! I always seem to miss these.....How is it that I happened to luck into the sale today?!?!! Oh wait, I know how...I had literally 12 minutes to spare. In 12 minutes I pulled some pretty fab stuff....stuff I may have otherwise passed up but for 1.23 I'm willing to take chances (AND time was NOT on my side)

I found this ADORABLE romper in lime green stripes....I think it's reminiscent of the 80's BUT would be SO cute this summer....
 See how fabby the stripes are?!?! This will be adorable with some wedges and great jewelry

This shirt dress is PERFECT for church or walking downtown Geneva! The irony is I have the EXACT same shirt!!

Mint green and pink - perfect for summer!

And yet MORE stripes! I have been hankering for a fuschia tank top 

OOOH! How about this mix of stripes?!?! Vertical and horizontal?!?! Can it be done?!?! 

What's this?!?! MORE STRIPES

LOVE the chartreuse stripe with the neutral grey!

 I also got this pair of grey skinny jeans 

That will work with the grey stripes shirt.....OR this fun and flirty tongue in cheek short sleeve t-shirt
SO, for $6.56 I got 7 outfit combos! And I didn't even notice all the stripes until I got home and started cutting all the tags off! I guess I was in a stripey mood! It was a lucky stripe!!

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