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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What's in MY bag?!?!?

HOLLA!! Momma's got the internet back...I TOTALLY forgot to take a pic of the internet guy installing (I really was going to)....BACK to our REGULARLY scheduled program!! It's crazy insane how much I was fiending for the internet....I mean I got a LOT done (washed my floor on my hands and knees) BUT I missed y'all!! Ok, I decided a "what's in my bag" post may be kinda fun...


What’s in your bag seemed like a FUN series to blog about!! This is an un-edited version (for a minute I thought about NOT Including the papers OR doing this post AFTER I cleaned out my purse BUT that’s not legit or real!!). 

My bag is Coach 

I ALWAYS have some Bath & Body hand sanitizer on my purse....I pick them up here and there so they aren’t always the current fragrance collection. 

On what I call the “business” side you’ll find scripts and meds, papers, sunglasses, gloves, sequin change purse (which contains change and cash) and leopard zip pouch(eyedrops, aspirin, travel toothbrush)

In the middle is my wallet (Coach) and an extra keyless entry remote JUST in case....

Then there’s the BEAUTY side....the running joke at work is the girl with a 1000 lip glosses who NEVER wears lipgloss (mostly true...I will apply once in the morning and HATE the way re-application feels SO I run with my trusty Carmex)

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Kori said...

You know we're gonna be curious about scripts! :)