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Monday, February 24, 2014


Hola peeps! Today is "Manic Monday" and I will be showing you some FAB neutral paint colors I picked up at my local hardware store last week. They are Valspar colors...all opinions and findings are my own (sadly no comps from Valspar).

I've had these projects on my to-do list for AGES...seriously like 2 years!! I used to be the painting queen....and then I got busy? LAME excuse...I'll fit it all in - I am woman!! LOL!!

The pretty blue color will be for THIS lil hall entryway cabinet

The gray will be for my vintage wooden headboard and the cream for the piece below as well as the tv stand in the living room and a fresh coat on the bookshelves.

This piece is HEAVY....the movers ALWAYS complain about how heavy it is (the drawers don't come out). It's a solid piece...but the pine...oh were SO in like 14 years ago....times have changed and so has my taste!! SO nothing a simple can of paint can't cure - right?!?!?
Because of it's cumbersome size and weight (shifting it from one room to another was quite the workout) I opted for a paint with a built in primer SO I didn't have to sand it (I have used this primer/paint all in one in the past on kitchen cabinets and my paneled faux wood sided bookshelves and it's held up pretty well).
SO I set to work (I LOVE using a foam roller - it gives a nice clean see my baby roller there?!?!? My hardware store ONLY had this size...I figure it's a good workout for my arms!)

Here's the piece in process after the first coat (I couldn't get at that drawer or else it would've leaked paint into the crooked drawer (did ya notice that?!!? THAT happened the FIRST time I moved and the movers tried to remove the drawers). And yep, I'm uber lazy....didn't even take the clothes outta the dresser (ALTHOUGH this morning I did organize it and gathered a small pile to go to GW).

I'll post more as the project is completed....maybe this will give me the motivation to FINISH it QUICKLY!!!

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