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Thursday, August 20, 2015

TRY IT THURSDAY...T-shirt Yarn balls

SO when I do my flea markets I have realized I don't have enough "fillers" or items to stage my booth...this was exceptionally obvious this past show at the Pec Thing....SO I started thinking "what can I use to 'decorate' my space without being over the top?!?!" T-shirt yarn balls seemed like a GREAT way to add that homey touch, I can make them in colors that COORDINATE with my space and I can recycle those fabrics from other projects....

I googled a few tutorials....(this particular one was the bottom of the dress from a WIWW post) and I realized when I held it up it looked like chest bones! (I was making this while having a garage sale - double duty use of my time)

This was from a t-shirt that was too large....BUT the coloring is perfect!!! I realized I don't have any "in progress pics" BUT there are a lot of great tutorials out there! 

These are PERFECT colors for fall WITH my pop of lime green  (that you can see on the pile below)

I STILL plan to make more t-shirt balls.....Have YOU made any?!?!? Think you might for fall!?!? It's a GREAT way to recycle old t-shirts that the kids have outgrown, that have pilled OR that ya spilled that coffee on!!

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