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Sunday, August 30, 2015

ARM SWAG SUNDAY.....Shades of caramel and turquoise

Ok, Ok, I KEEP saying I'm not ready for fall YET I keep these lil color schemes and ideas floating around in my head!! For example....these bangles....saw them EARLY July and I didn't get them because REALLY - do I NEED another bangle?!?!? Mmmmm - NOPE! BUT I couldn't get them outta my head, so I went back and got the caramel mustard color, turquoise and a lilac color (which I think all 3 together would be GORG). 

Oh yeah the ring....that's new too!!! SAME story....saw it a few days AFTER the bracelets, tried it on and decided citrine isn't my birthstone (OR my kids...NEITHER MY preferred gem of choice) BUT PERFECT for fall - couldn't get it outta my head (even went and bought another ring in sapphire because I figured it would go with more...BUT IT wasn't right - THIS citrine ring was in my mind). Thankfully it was still there 2 weeks later....

SEE what I'm sayin?!?!?  They go SO WELL together!!! If you're pairing caramel and turquoise I'd LOVE to see it!!! 

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