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Monday, October 17, 2011

Black, Orange and Batty

I picked these up at the store the other day with the intent of making kabobs BUT then the weather got all cool and I was enjoying making stews and using the oven! SO I had all the (perfect fall colored) peppers left over.....

While grocery shopping at Wal-Mart these were on the end cap.....
And I could NOT pass up Halloween colored food! SO what does one do with peppers and Halloween tortilla chips?!?!?

Chili! Of course! Perfect for a fall football day (too bad the game was on later in the evening BUT at least the Bears had a win!!).

And for dessert.....some fudge brownies with Halloween sprinkles!

And in keeping with the Halloween theme I did my nails in Midnight Sky by Sally Hansen and added a (glow in the dark) Bat decal to my ring finger on each hand!
Have a spooktacular evening!

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christy zima said...

We need some of that nail polish at our house! WOW - you are totally and completely awesome Fashion friend!! Soooo Happy to have found your blog.......I'm officially addicted!