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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Homemade Halloween

While pinning away on Pinterest I found these.....

CUTE, no? Easy and CHEAP (IF you shop around! Paola picked our cones up at the Dollar store {they were about 6" tall so she also picked up round styro discs that we toothpicked into the bottom to give some height difference - GENIUS!!} and yarn - who knew yarn was so expensive?!?! I shopped Wal-Mart, Michael's and finally pulled the trigger at Jo-Ann's because they were on sale for $2.49 / a skein....and you'll have plenty left for other projects).

We also made plastic bag pumpkins (you can see Paola cutting the fabric here)
These are Paola's Candy Corn's....nice and neat...a different take on the ones from Pinterest that were a lil more textured
And mine that are exactly like the Pinterest ones (I like the textured look and didn't have the patience to be so neat and precise)
Ours side by side (Paola's left and mine right - like you couldn't tell!). We used a cream, pumpkin orange and mustard....more natural shades as the yellow and orange were just plain AWFUL.
The candy corns were fast and easy (you simply wrap the cones and glue down the tails....there are tutorials all over blogland). Since we were done so quickly we decided to try our hand at plastic bag pumpkins. They are just as they sound....fabric covered grocery store bags. Since this was in impropmtu last minute addition we did not have any "fabric" bought for the project. BUT we bits and pieces and clothes from the thrift or headed to the thrift (that we rescued). Here is Paola's....
She made her coral colored pumpkin using the scraps of a skirt I got at the thrift for .10 (I bought it for just such crafts).

Here is my pumpkin.....

Made from a pair of shorts that are too big now (I LOVED the pattern on these shorts and am happy I am able to preserve it!!). Initially I thought the pattern was too busy BUT as I look at the pics, I am in love! It will pair beautifully with my toilet paper pumpkin from last fall!

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lori said...

love the candy corn idea. super cute!