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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch...

....Always conjures up images of the perfect fall day! It was gorgeous (MINUS the wind). What I wore there....

Cute lil' owl earrings....tehy look very Anthro - no? You';; never believe where I got them....Walgreens!! For $2.99!

And on my trusty fab and fun leopard rain boots (you know in case it was muddy)
My mom and I met this guy.....BUT we told him we were already spoken for!
There were some adorable lil pumpkins left in the patch.....I am a SUCKER for a green pumpkin...traditional with a twist!!
These lil red wagons were all lined up right after you got off the tractor, so you could transport your pumpkins to your car.....
The cousins seeking out the Great Pumpkin (Charlie Brown)
This s the one my lil guy chose....all warty and beautiful

I LOVED this perfectly grey-ish green (Cinderella?) Pumpkin
But I got these instead!! (LOL, I was holding them on the tractor ride and I realized they looked like quite the pair!!)
A cute lil vignette I pulled together in the middle of the patch!
Happy Pumpkin Hunting!


ChristyB said...

Oh, I LOVE your leopard print rain boots!!

christy zima said...

I love catching up ...Friday night at our house, pizza and paper plates (all cleaned up) and have the whole night with no dishes to load and unload! LOL