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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I lil more halloween decor (you KNOW I will probably be posting pics up until October 31st!!). For this tableau I simply pinned a feather boa from the thrift store (scored for 1.90) onto my existing lamp - which makes the biggest pop in this corner - I LOVE it!

Now onto Black Jack! Here is is.....

All glittery and happy!! But he didn't start out that way.....THIS is what he looked like....

He was headed for the thrift store as a donation because I wasn't digging his orange / spooky combo - looked too much like a 1980's bad halloween movie! AND THEN I got the idea to glitter him black and fabulous! BUT first I gave him a nice spray of black paint ( so if the glitter didn't completely cover, you wouldn't see the orange). I also taped off his face from the inside so he wouldn't look black and spotty

I laid down a sheet of aluminum foil, got out the Elmers glue and a paint brush (so I could spread the glue before sprinkling on some glitta)
VIOLA!!! Black and glitter Jack on a silver compote used as a pedestal.

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Julie said...

Wow, what a difference some paint & glitter make! Love it, great idea!!