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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween Treats

Remember the Candy Corn treats in my last post? Here they are in the kitchen - I think they look pretty cute!! (See my treat jar? I posted about that previously too BUT I think the last time it was just the pumpkin and now for Halloween, the reverse side is the Jack O'Lantern face).

While grocery shopping, I noticed several great items for fall / Halloween....Vanilla Cool whip (if anyone has any great recipes using this Cool Whip, I'd love to hear about them!) Halloween Oreos (LOVE Oreo's and a glass of milk...does anyone else think the holiday Oreo's are extra cream, like almost Double Stuff Oreo's?) and Pumpkin Shaped and Flavored Marshmallows (on the back of the package there was a recipe for Rice Krispie treats using these pumpkin marshmallows...seems interesting and is on my list to try)

Here are the cookies and marshmallows on display.....
Made these tonight....Halloween Break and Bake's from Aldi (SO YUMMY and easy)

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~Kori~ said...

I love your candy corn treats...they're so adorable, especially with the texture they have (and what a super cute candle)!! I made some similar ones for Christmas last year. And I had to laugh at your holiday treat finds; I brought home egg nog yesterday and my husband about flipped his lid (in the best possible way) because that's his favorite holiday treat. If we start drinking that now, we'll both be 20 pounds heavier come December!! :)