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Saturday, March 2, 2013

A day in the life....

iphone snapshots from the past 2 weeks
(thank you dear teenage daughter for using all the gigabytes to facetime your friends that live 2 blocks away!!)

Steak nachos for dinner 

MORE of that white stuff!! Where is that super mild winter we had last year?!?!

Attempting to jump start my Woody (I've never used jumper cables before!) I was unsuccessful BUT not sure if it was the battery (which is now new) OR the lack of gas (the very small amount that was in there probably froze) BUT Woody's up and running!! 

 Decided to experiment with some blue eyeliner...
 To keep it from being too 80's I only did blue on the bottom and inner parts of my eye (near my nose) and I did my usual black on top. I thought it was fun!

I'm SO TIRED of the snow!!! 

BUT if you have to wear boots, they may as well leave an impression....

 SINCE the weather was so blustery I decided to do some cleaning (starting in my lil guys room - 4 hours later it looked like it should!!)...anyway, while going thru his stack of papers I found this....did you just giggle too?!?!

It's a squash with a FACE!!!

I also cleaned my make-up brushes...I ♥ how they are lined up like lil soldiers!!

I used THIS cleaner (it came on one of my Birchboxes) and it is FAB!!! Got them perfectly clean, left them nice and soft...

Once the first round of snow melted I took the car to get all the salt and sand off - um when did a drive thru car wash become $9.00 for the medium grade wash?!?!?! AND I didn't even get a discount on my gas!!!!

I LOVE weekends when I can make a nice breakfast...and EVERYTHING is better with bacon!!

Woody is going to be the DEATH of me!! He's still having starting issues (although the problem MAY be figured out - I'll keep ya posted) BUT to get him started this day it took me gettin' my hands dirty - climbing under the hood and tossing some gas inside the big round thing! LOL

Dear Universe, I would totally love to RAWK this bag this spring / summer....can you just drop one on my doorstep, please?!?!

And I ran...once - so far - yesterday....I would LOVE to keep it up! In my mind I run like a gazelle BUT I am quite certain I look more like a donkey!! 

What have YOU been up to?!?!?

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