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Saturday, March 23, 2013

A day in the life....

A day in the life are snapshots from my iphone for the week.....

On the mend FINALLY - feeling good!! 

Felt SO GOOD I even went a got a few groceries....after I placed these under ripe pears on the window ledge I thought "How cute...BLUE sky in the background, fabby McFab Vintage jeep, pears lined up like lil soldiers and cute cafe curtains framing it all - How picturesque" and then I said to myself - self, take a picture...and then i was like forget it...and then i said I've had this entire conversation in my head just now, so TAKE THE DANG picture! LOL! Do you ever do that?!?!

A new body lotion I spotted in my magazine that I wanna try - seems dreamy, is a good price SO I snapped the pic so the nxt time I am at Wal-Mart I can just look at the pic and find it easily (just so ya know I started typing all the info in my notes when I realized the visual would be SO MUCH easier)

I NEVER posted my St. Patty's decor :( Time just got away from me this month! SO goodbye St.Patty's....

 AND HOLA Easter! This cabinet has proved a HUGE decorating challenge for me...for the past 5 months...BUT I LOVE the way the easter look came together!

Back to taking pics for WIWW

Gorg day here today (like 36 - LOL - gorg right?!?!) SO I went and vaccumed the car, washed it and came home and cleaned the windows and inside....

Took the dog for a nice long walk so now we're just chillin! What have YOU been up to?!?!

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