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Friday, July 25, 2014


This FOODIE FRIDAY is inspired by the fresh head of cabbage I received in my #Angelic Organics
I knew for sure I'd make egg rolls BUT that wouldn't take a whole head of cabbage...while talking with my girlfriend she mentioned she was going to make cabbage rolls - BRILLIANT!!! This "recipe" is pretty interpretive (and I have to say my daughter LOVED them...this was her first time having them and she ate almost the entire pan). 

I researched several recipes an at the end of the day I took a lil from each one (I only had ground turkey on hand - so I cooked up the turkey and then separated in half - so I had some for my cabbage rolls AND the egg rolls)

I parboiled the cabbage (to make it easier to remove the leaves AND so they were pliable enough to make into rolls)

REMEMBER "Cabbage Patch Kids" this pic reminded me of that!!

Once I peeled off enough leaves and allowed them to cool I filled with my mixture

I made a small pan....once they were all rolled and were as snug as a bug in a rug I topped with tomato sauce....

NOW, here's the BRILLIANT part y'all.....I made them in the TOASTER OVEN so I didn't have to heat up the entire house!! (I did add the left over filling around the cabbage rolls). I broiled for the last 4 minutes or so to get that nice crunchy top

Buen provecho!!!

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