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Thursday, July 17, 2014


I don't know about you BUT I have a penchant for most "reality" tv shows (like Dear #Andy Cohen, I want to be a REAL housewife of small town USA - ya know - someone more relatable to "the people" SO if you happen to read me) I heart all the Real Housewives of anywhere (I have my faves - Heather Thomson - NY, Kristen Taekman - NY, Teresa Guidice - NJ, Vicki Gunvalson - OC) Each of those women has a character trait I adore.....and I know reality tv isn't for everyone....

Heather - Hard worker, balls to the wall, says it like she feels it - SO refreshing in a world of dancing around to appease the masses
My homegirl Heather - HOLLA......

Kristen Taekman - NEW to the scene...."I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed BUT I'm pretty..." HER words in her intro...She's not afraid to call bullsh*t on you but wears her heart on her sleeve....this season you see her getting upset with her hubby who puts her and the fam on the back burner (I KNOW he's just tryin to support them BUT REALLY?!!??! all he has to do is send her a quick txt when he's running late). It's sad to see her crying for his attention - literally. 

Teresa Guidice - Really probably NO explanation needed WHO she is as she's been all over the news due to her an Joe's trial - the first episode broke my heart - you could FEEL the pain of the family...and by the end I was bawling (I won't spoil it for those that haven't seen it yet). She's italian which I ADORE, she's over the top which makes her a girl after my own heart and she get's out there and makes it happen - people were hatin for her comments in the cookbook foreward - hey people = DRAMA sells - she was makin shit happen!!
 Vicki Gunvaslon - This one kinda surprised me...BUT this season it's been nice to see her staying OUT of the drama. What I like most about her is her bad ass work ethic....she works A LOT (maybe too much when she was married - but now all she has is her work) and she's made a life for herself....KUDOS!!
We can all sit on our couches with our hand in the chip bag talkin junk about each and every reality tv show BUT the truth is all these people are raw and open to the world now (don't get me wrong - they exchange privacy for fame and pay-offs - I get it) BUT to have complete strangers talkin about your every move, hair outta place and extra pound gained CAN'T be easy!!! What's YOUR fave reality show?!??!


Twinkle Terrior said...

LOVE The Housewives !! Been watching for yours and I watch WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE with Andy Cohen as much as I can - loved the 5 year anniv shows!! :)

Twinkle Terrior said...

Did you watch the season Finale of RHONY last night?? OMG - when Aviva threw her artificial leg?? Next week is the reunion show- GOOD STUFF :)