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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

THRIFTY Tuesday....Tag Sale Treasures

K...first things first - I ALWAYS call them garage sales- not tag sales BUT tag sale went better with my TAG LINE!! Thursday I was off so the kids and I had some cinnamelts and coffee at McD's before heading around town to sale....I had no paper, no sales addresses - it was a last minute lets get lost and have fun kinda thing...these are my fave kinda days!! I always thought I was a planner (sometimes you have to be) BUT I've realized I enjoy spontaneity much more!! We hit up a few sales that were kinda flops (I of course STILL managed to find stuff there) and one sale that was the BOMB DIGGITY!!!

Here's the loot (all the loot) wish I had separated by sale BUT instead I separated by style....LOL

Cute plaid cooler bag - perfect for fall picnics, wreath hanger, cake server, FAB lil donkey, cute mirror (I have plans for this - totes imitating another fabby blogger) vintage sunglasses, jewels - I'm ALWAYS on the look out for jewelry - axxessoreis are the BEST part of any outfit

Vintage MADE IN ITALY sun glasess

Vintage polaroid sunglasses

See the cute lil donkey?!?!?!

This ornate gold frame is FAB....I can easily pop out the velvet sweetheart poem....sometimes you need "the eye" when saling....
I think I spent a total of $7.00 on all this stuff and it totally fulfills the thrill of the hunt for me!!! What have YOU found lately?!?!?

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Madaline said...

Omg! You got so much! I miss yard sales SO much! They don't really have them in Italy.