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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

THRIFTY TUESDAY.....Christian Louboutin Boots

The title of the post is a total oxymoron!! Anyone familiar with the red soled beauties KNOWS there is no budget in CL. One of my girls at work jokingly sent me a pic of these boots....

and said if you were my daughter I'd buy these for you for which I replied...."Willi you can adopt me" LOL!!! So if there's anyone interested in starting a Louboutin fund for these gorg boots....I wouldn't be opposed! LOL!! What's YOU dream accessory?!??!!

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Twinkle Terrior said...

Tell her she should get you the boots anyhow!! LOL my fave accessory is a bracelet that my niece got me many years ago with her own allowance Haha. My cousin who lives in Oak Park IL will be in the south for a family reunion this month... all us cousins/sisters get together every year. I wish you were my stylist for the event! NO IDEA what I will take/wear! Same niece - is older now and will pack for me LOL I have a family of boys so I lost my touch 20 years ago!!But my mani-pedi is always great thanks to my favorite salon HeeHee