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Friday, July 11, 2014

FOODIE FRIDAY....Watermelon Basil popsicles

On my summer Bucket list is to make (cocktail) popsicles BUT I wanted to make a general public friendly version first....I picked up the fab popsicle molds from Dollar Tree (and "m sure y'all know the goblets from the Spritz line at Target....they have nothing to do with the popsicles BUT are pretty!!)

I had a few different ingredients on hand and searched for recipes with said ingredients (one was watermelon) and it was SO SIMPLE....the recipe is here

You make a simple syrup 

Stir in the basil.....and let sit for at least a half hour....

Strain your simple syrup....blend watermelon chunks and simple syrup....

(I omitted the thai basil portion BECAUSE I didn't have that on hand HOWEVER I did use "Tajin" a mexican spice that's used on fresh fruits like mango and watermelon....after unmolding my popsicle I run under water quick and then sprinkle the seasoning on it....

These are SO DELISH I have eaten them every morning on the way to work!! It's fruit right?!??!

1 comment:

Angela Reasonstodress said...

WOW these look delicious and PRETTY!!

I love this and must try. What a great idea doing cocktail inspired popsicles and I didn't know that basel and watermelon went together. I just tried fresh mint and cantaloupe and it is already one of my favorite new flavours.

Will try this and I'll let your know how it goes.