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Saturday, October 18, 2014

A DAY IN THE LIFE.....CATCH UP for 4 weeks

Pics via my iphone for the last FOUR weeks - what?!?!?! That's an entire month!!! 

Shop and these chairs - I'm going to paint them...white or Robins egg blue?!?!?! Weigh in via the comment section 

Every time I leave shop n swap with a full trunk (I also took 3 bags of clothes and a box of toys to donate)....stay tuned for a THRIFTY TUESDAY post with all the goodies

Subway's flatizza's...SO good! Have you tried one yet?!?! I always get the italian...

PERFECT fall day picnic


Autumn banner....comprised of MANY elements...wooden beaded garland, vintage shiny brites christmas garland, tissue paper tassels and glitter letters....

Swapped out wall decor for something more seasonal....

Have been moving some furniture around....

Lunch with MY gurls!!! 

 WHAT?!?!?! Bath and Body has CHICAGO candles?!??! Momma NEEDS one...but 22.00 is a tad expensive

FAB chandelier at ON THE BORDER....

GLORIOUS sunset down the country road....

These 2 pics were literally taken within 2 minutes of each other...look how DIFFERENT the sky became in the short time

 Why not put my sons shirt on the dog?!?!? This is what we do on a friday night - how about you?!?!?!

BLAH BLAH BLAH....The count is back for the season....apparently there are 3 box styles BUT I can only find this same one at every store I go to

CHEERS to a GREAT month!!!

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Tricia Coniglio said...

Holy moly with the truck LOADED full of stuff! I noticed a mini decorated cactus and would expect to see that in my area (AZ) or maybe TX or NM, is that where you are?

I could use some updated decorating, or decorating at all. That has gone by the way side in our house!