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Thursday, October 16, 2014


Last year I saw painted acorns and couldn't WAIT to make my own....the only problem was I NEVER found any A-corns last fall....

This year I found MANY one day while picnicing....I felt like a squirrel 

 As soon as I got hI washed them....let them dry in the sun....and spray painted them the next day (I tried hand painting them but have ZERO patience for that)....

....Once the paint was dry I started matching the tops up to the newly painted bottoms and super glued them together (because OF COURSE you must take the tops off before painting them)

And as I had about 1/10 of the tops glued on while digging thru the pile I found THIS....

I figured it was just ONE wayward creature and no need to worry....UNTIL there were several on the tray in which I placed my newly painted happy A-corns....
 SO into the oven they went...painted, tops glued on and all BECAUSE every time I found one of those lil worms I SCREAMED....and then the kids would scream for me to stop screaming...SO I baked them for an hourish at 200 degrees watching them VERY carefully (after all they were already painted AND had super glue on them - didn't wanna set the house on fire)

(there were dried worms - which may be a delicacy to some. Sorry worms RIP). I placed my worm free acorns on the tray with my squash and STILL felt disappointed....the tray was large and empty (I KNEW I still had more acorns to glue together BUT it just wasn't working for me)

So it was a nice fall day....took some glitter and glue and whatever kinda squash these are (I KNOW, the HORROR of wasting good food by glittering it....truth be told I NEVER would've eaten them and they came in my produce box SEVERAL weeks in a row)

T.Swizz style I shook them off, shook them off....and let them dry...

Added some spanish moss and a black crow and VIOLA!!! Momma's happy as a clam!! 
 Everyone I've told this story too says they would've just thrown the A-corns away....I waited too long, spent too much time and I'm NOT a quitter SO kids the  moral of the story is PERSEVERE!!!

A few squirrels were fed in the making of these nuts (I had a few piles outside to paint and when I came back out they were GONE). And the ORIGINAL link for this idea can be found here

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Twinkle Terrior said...

What a great Fall craft !! It looks great :)