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Saturday, September 5, 2015


....Pic's via my iphone for the past 2 weeks!!!

Found these babies at #dollartree - HOLLA!!!! I've been wanting to try them

Eating better, brighter and healthier....more to come on that....

Went to the Winnebago County Fair....the rides were SO MUCH better this year....look how beautiful!!

How can you go to the fair and NOT get a funnel cake?!?! Maple and bacon - holla!!! 

Back to school....which means new wardrobes for the kids (my son LOATHES jeans and jean shorts SO that's something we have to buy together)

COMMITTED to being back in the gym...even IF it's for small amounts of time....STAY TUNED

LOVING Mixed Media Journaling....home and beauty here on this page (to see more swing over to Monday's post)

I'm in LOVE with #Teavana

Keepin it healthy....

It's homecoming in our neck o'the woods....these kids are SO CREATIVE these days!!! Makes me want BACK in highschool (of course KNOWING all I know now)

Homecoming dress shopping...

Where creative displays were BOUNTIFUL (I snapped SO many pics....I have a flea market coming up and can ALWAYS use inspiration)

What have YOU been up to?!?!  Big plans for the holiday weekend?!?!

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